Reliefband® is clinically proven, FDA Cleared wearable technology for the treatment of nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness, morning sickness and VR Gaming.


Deborah O’Sullivan – UK & Ireland Rep.

My name is Deborah O’Sullivan. I am a nurse and mother of two small children. Having suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum during both of my pregnancies I understand how debilitating and isolating it can be. I tried all the alternative therapies including acupressure bands, ginger and Vitamin B6 supplements without any relief. I was prescribed antiemetics by my GP which I felt reluctant to take for fear they would be unsafe for my growing baby. When I did eventually take them I suffered the side effects of dizziness and drowsiness which began to affect my work.

When I became pregnant with my second child the nausea and vomiting started almost immediately. I became so withdrawn at the thought of the sickness lasting weeks and perhaps even months like the previous pregnancy.

My sister in law in California told me about a band that her work colleague had used for morning sickness and had found very effective. My brother and his wife kindly sourced one and sent it to me. Within minutes of placement on my wrist the constant stomach churning I had been experiencing began to ease. I was blown away with how something non invasive and drug-free could have such a profound effect on how I was feeling for so long. I wore the band intermittently for the entire pregnancy and loved the fact that I could control the stimulation of the band based on how I was feeling at any particular time.

It was only in recent months when one of my closest friends experienced severe morning sickness that I went in search of a supplier. I was surprised that it was not available here in Ireland so I made it my mission to bring it to those troubled with nausea and vomiting. ReliefBand has also proved effective not only with pregnancy sickness but motion, travel and VR gaming associated sickness too.