Congrats, Kate Middleton – now here’s something to help your Hyperemesis

Like me, Kate Middleton has two children already - and I congratulate her on the great news today that she is expecting her third, writes Deborah O'Sullivan.

As previously reported, Kate suffers badly with hyperemesis, a serious debilitating pregnancy complication.

ReliefBand can be used as part of the treatment regime for hyperemesis, providing extra comfort and helping pregnant women to function again during their pregnancies.

A recent customer of ours was receiving injections three times a week on top of her oral anti-emetics.

Upon using ReliefBand - a non-invasive drug-free clinically proven wearable device - she's now back at work and enjoying her pregnancy again.

That's why we have just gifted a ReliefBand to Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge. It's gone via our couriers today.



Wearable technology offers pregnant women relief from the ‘scourge of morning sickness’

When an Irish nurse suffered badly with morning sickness during two pregnancies, the only ‘cure’ she could find came from America – now she’s bringing the solution to other expectant mothers in Ireland.

Deborah O’Sullivan, Geesala, Co. Mayo, discovered that wearing ReliefBand, an innovative product that sufferers wear on their wrists like a watch, offered her badly-needed relief from her pregnancy sickness.

“It allowed me to control my excruciating nausea and vomiting without medication and without delay,” said Deborah. Now four years later, Deborah has secured exclusive distribution rights for ReliefBand in Ireland and the UK.

“Morning sickness was a scourge for me, just as it is for many other mothers. First of all, it is wrongly named, because it lasts all day, not just for the morning,” said Deborah, a qualified Intensive Care Nurse with vast additional experience in Medical Sales.

“And while some people only suffer for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, it is not uncommon for mothers to experience morning sickness right throughout their pregnancies. Any woman who has experienced morning sickness will never forget the seemingly endless cycle of vomiting, nausea and dizziness.”

ReliefBand, developed by ReliefBand Technologies, is a wearable device that uses clinically proven technology called neuromodulation to treat morning sickness. The technology was developed for use in hospitals and uses the body’s own natural neural pathways to “turn off” nausea. It has Federal Drug Authority (FDA) clearance.

“When I used ReliefBand during my second pregnancy I was amazed by the results. My sister in law bought it in America for me. I put it on my wrist and I had positive results within minutes – I immediately felt better. I was particularly impressed by the fact that it is a drug-free solution. Pregnant women don’t want to be putting drugs into their body and, anyway, none of the pharmaceutical companies are interested in drug solutions.

“Last year, I noticed that ReliefBand was only available in America, and I approached the company as an enthusiastic previous user to see if I could distribute it here in Ireland and in the UK. They were very interested in that prospect and I recently secured exclusive rights.”

ReliefBand works by generating programme pulses that stimulate the median nerve on the arm. The generated signals travel via the peripheral nervous system to the central nervous system, and the higher emetic centre of the brain.

The signals modulate the natural neural pathways between the brain and the stomach, via the vagus nerve, restoring normal gastric rhythm and relieving nausea and vomiting. Users of the product have described how ReliefBand “made my pregnancy bearable” and “totally changed my life”. It retails at €129, including next-day delivery by registered post anywhere in Ireland. It can be purchased at

“When people purchase ReliefBand, our customer service line is available to answer any questions they have about how to place it on their hands, how to set the pulse level, and how to use the conductivity gel that protects the skin added Deborah.

“The feedback here and in the USA is that it works for about 90 per cent of women, which is really phenomenal.”

Gone Fishing

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Fishing. It’s simple for some people. Hop in a boat and head toward open water.

It’s not so simple for those who suffer from seasickness. Going on a boat can bring on feelings of  nausea, retching, and even vomiting.

Guess what? ReliefBand® treats those nasty symptoms. That’s right, you no longer need to be the one left on the dock. It’s time to join your friends and do more than just cut bait.

Now that you have the seasickness sorted, you need to do a few other things before you start hauling in fish.

In addition to your ReliefBand® and the actual gear (rod, reel, etc.) needed to catch the fish, you’ll want a life jacket, sunscreen, food, potable water, a cooler with ice in it to pack out the fish you catch, a first aid kit, bug spray, sunglasses, and don’t forget to zip your keys into a pocket or clip them to your belt loop.

Nothing is as sad as a loaded key ring drifting out of sight beneath the water.

If you’re fishing on the boat, you may need to have a license, if legally required. These days, you can usually order one online. Be aware that, depending on what type of fish you’re going after, you may need more than one license or permit.

One other thing—anything you want to keep dry should be placed in a waterproof bag. Soggy sandwiches and runny maps are funny only when they happen to the other guy.

Do you have tips for prepping for a fishing trip? Please share them in the comments for everyone to read.

Have fun out there!

5 VR Games You’ll Want

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by ReliefBand | June 15, 2017

It’s still early days for many VR offerings. Developers aren’t sure if the money is there for a time- and talent-intensive effort, but we say, bring it!

VR is fun, and if VR-related nausea creeps in, well, that’s what ReliefBand® is for. Slip it on your wrist and play on. So, what’s looking good in the game world? These are a few that caught our attention:

Minecraft VR is here. Instead of staring at the screen with your roommate or little sister doing annoying things in your peripheral vision, you’re in the middle of the Minecraft world. Caves beckon, mobs advance, it’s all glorious.

Hover Junkers is a wild free-for-all in wastelands that you’ll love. Lots of movement in playing this game, and ships that are steampunk beauties. Loads of fun!

Sportsbar VR lets you play pool, darts, chess, air hockey – lots of pub games. And you can compete against AI or your friends anywhere in the world. It’s the perfect way to chill out and you don’t have to leave your house.

Dear Esther slows it down a bit. It’s not a game where you do battle with guns blazing. It’s a visually stunning ghost story with you on a Scottish island and a lurking mystery to solve. Or not.

Assetto Corsa is a racing game that is popular primarily because it is easily modified and customized.

ReliefBand wearable device provides fast control of nausea, retching, and vomiting associated with the motion sickness associated with VR.

5 Tech Products For New Parents

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Parenting babies is joyful and exhausting. Just when you take care of business on one end of the little bundle, the other end needs attention.

Nothing will change the eat, sleep, and cry habits of babies, but these tech gadgets might make your life a little easier.

For instance, a pacifier thermometer can take baby’s temperature and make baby happy. There are loads of brands on the market—just put the term into your browser and choose one.

You’ve heard the stories of parents fighting with car seats? Well, this seat installs itself, and shares real-time safety alerts with you via a smartphone app. It’s pricey, but the technology is fascinating.

Guess what? Baby can have a warm bottle of milk even if you’re out for a walk with no microwave in sight. Just shake this hand-held device and four minutes later, baby’s got warm milk.

Tracking baby’s weight is important. There’s a changing pad out now that works with your smartphone to weigh baby, determine how much fluid she took in during the last feeding, and count how many diaper changes she’s had.

For years there have been swings and hammock contraptions that rock baby to sleep. Now there are entire beds that do the same. Baby can stretch out and snooze all night, or just for an afternoon nap.

Go, explore, and find gadgets that work for you and your family.

As part of the wearable tech world, ReliefBand® controls the symptoms of morning sickness. We love talking new tech! If you’ve found a tech device that helps your family, share the news in the comments! We’d all love to read about it.

Crazy Carnival Rides

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Nausea, cold sweat, even retching and vomiting—they’re all symptoms of motion sickness and they can pop up at inconvenient times, right?


For those of us who live with motion sickness, we know what to expect in the car or on a boat, or in an airplane.

But what about . . . at the carnival?

The teacup ride that little kids love—oof. The base of the ride goes around in a big circle, and each teacup on the base revolves independently. There’s a little wheel in the middle of each teacup that controls the spin of that cup. All it takes is one gleeful kid who’s determined to yank that wheel ‘round and ‘round, and there goes lunch!

At the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, guests can pay to be strapped into a giant teeter-totter and thrown 27 feet over the edge of the casino, left to dangle face-down 866 feet above the Strip.

A Devil’s Wheel looks simple enough. It’s a flat, slightly raised circular floor so many feet in diameter. Riders sit in the middle of the floor, which then spins faster and faster until they’re all tossed off, landing we’re not sure where but hopefully on a soft surface.

Some people won’t hop on the rides because they’re scary as all get-out. That’s really the only reason one needs.

And then there are those who love the thrill but end up puking because of, yep, motion sickness.

We can’t stop the scary. It is what it is. But, ReliefBand® helps control the nausea, retching, and vomiting associated with motion sickness. If you want to dangle over the Las Vegas Strip from atop a very tall casino, at least wear a ReliefBand® on your wrist!


Boating Season

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It’s boating season — time to test for leaks and spruce up the brightwork!

If you’re shaking your head because you know that you’ll be hanging over the side, losing your breakfast shortly after boarding, we hear you.

ReliefBand® on your wrist controls the nausea, retching, and vomiting of seasickness. You turn it on and adjust the power setting to fit your needs, and you’ll be buying boat shoes in no time.

This is how it works: the ReliefBand sends out gentle pulses to the median nerve on the underside of your wrist. These pulses send signals to the nausea center in your brain. Those signals then modulate the body’s natural neural pathways between the brain and stomach. This blocks the sensation of nausea.

Take control of your life, and hit the open waters. It doesn’t matter what type of boat you choose, just go! Canoes are fun (and tippy), sailboats come in all sizes and are the romantics of the sea, and powerboats can have you on top of the waves before you know it.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the boat is. What’s important is that you’re out there, having fun.

Oh, and don’t forget your sunscreen!

5 VR Necessities

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Virtual Reality (VR) is a fascinating place because it can be any place you want. Sounds simple, but once experienced, you want more.

The VR world is exploding with growth. And peripherals, or accessories, are growing right along with it.

The Unlimited Hand looks like a cuff you put on your arm. Not fancy or scary, but when you’re in VR, it makes you feel the VR world. Imagine how advanced this will be in a couple of years.

Gloveone continues the Unlimited Hand concept but, as you’d guess, with gloves instead of a cuff. And, you wear gloves on both hands, so you’re truly immersed in the VR world. You can preorder this Kickstarter project by Neurodigital.

ReliefBand® fits snug on your wrist. It’s a fast, effective way to control the nausea, retching, and vomiting associated with VR-related motion sickness. Push a button, set your power level, and play!

A simple yet appreciated accessory is VR Cover. Slip it on your headset and protect your expensive equipment from the sweat generated by having something clamped to your face.

The Roto VR Chair allows you to interact with the VR environment while remaining safely seated. With responsive head tracking and foot pedals, plus loads of other features, the chair elevates your VR experience.

Enjoy VR! Share your favorite peripherals/accessories in the comments. We love hearing about new tech.

Star Wars Day

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“May the 4th be with you” is THE pun from Star Wars’ heyday. Granted, it’s an oldie, given that the original Star Wars debuted in 1977, but who cares? It’s Star Wars, for crying out loud.

We love it because sci-fi is where you’ll find the dreams of tech that are now or will one day be our reality.

There are 3D printing machines that can produce chocolate sculptures or body parts. Talk about the wow factor. They’re even available for home use.

One touch on our smartphone screen, and we can see and talk to Uncle Tony who lives on the other side of the world. We call it FaceTime.

Stormtroopers ride hoverbikes. This year a hoverbike is coming to market (please, Santa, pleeeeease).

Robot maids — yep, they exist. OK, they’re not fast and in every home yet, but we’ll get there.

We’re on Mars. Well, the Curiosity Rover is, and we’re planning an in-person visit. Exploring the galaxy!

We live in a world of burgeoning technology. It’s flat-out exciting.

In our part of the wearable tech industry, you can now slip on a ReliefBand® and quickly control symptoms of nausea, retching, and vomiting associated with motion sickness, morning sickness, or even VR-related motion sickness.

Hey, that’s another tech advancement — VR! Just slip on a headset and be transported to any world, any place. Kind of like a holodeck. Yes, that’s Star Trek, but it’s still cool.


Tulip Time – Road Trip!

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If you’re a tulip lover, this is your time of year. Tulips are showing off all over the country, and that says “road trip” to us.

Americans have always been in love with cars and winding roads, particularly when the weather is fine. We found tulip festivals dotted around the country—hope there’s one near you.

If you live around New York, Albany hosts a Mother’s Day weekend full of tulips. This year is the 69th annual event, and they even have a Tulip Ball if you’re so inclined.

Pella, Iowa, transforms into the Netherlands for their 82nd annual Tulip Time Festival, beating out Albany by more than a decade. For three days, you can clomp around in wooden shoes, eat Dutch treats, and party like it’s 1894.

In Lehi, Utah, the fields are covered with hundreds of thousands of tulips. Once you’re “tuliped out” you can run a half marathon, go to a swing dance, listen to the Lyceum Philharmonic, and gorge on food, food, food.

The tulip festival in Skagit Valley, Washington, isn’t in one patch. It’s spread out over miles and miles, and the field locations change every year. Think of it as a festival/scavenger hunt.

Wherever you’re headed this year, pack snacks and liquids, and wear sturdy shoes for hiking over and around acres of tulips.

Oh, and if you hear “road trip” and think “carsick,” we have you covered. Slip ReliefBand® on your wrist and turn it on, then forget about the nausea, retching, and vomiting of motion sickness.

We take care of that for you, without drugs and without delay!

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