The Gift Of Relief From Morning Sickness

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Sharing the joy of a pregnancy brings friends and loved ones close.

It’s a time to celebrate!

But . . . those feelings of joy can be dimmed by morning sickness. The mom-to-be can’t help but focus on the nausea dragging her down. The vomiting that often comes with nausea piles ick on top of ick.

There are things you can do to help.

Stock her freezer with meals. Even if she’s unable to eat most of them, her SO and the kids in the house will love it. If they love it, she’ll love it.

Get her favorite flavor of Popsicle® and maybe some bland crackers — anything that doesn’t make her groan and run for the bathroom.

Run errands for her. It’s hard to muster energy to grocery shop or go to the mall when morning sickness is your constant companion.

Put together a care package of travel-size toothbrushes, mouthwash, wet wipes, barf bags, bottled water, and maybe some mints for those times she’s away from home and her morning sickness is right there with her.

Pick up something outrageously adorable for baby. It’ll be a reminder of the end game:)

And finally, or perhaps it should be first, get mom-to-be a ReliefBand to quell the nausea and vomiting. Then perhaps all this other stuff won’t be necessary, and you can all simply celebrate for nine months!

What People Are Saying About ReliefBand!

We love our ReliefBands. Several of us working here have suffered from motion sickness or morning sickness, VR sickness or vertigo — you get the idea — we’re talking nausea, frequently followed by vomiting.

We suffered, until we discovered ReliefBand.

Now, we could each tell you our story, but we thought it would be more fun to hear from people whose only connection to ReliefBand is that they purchased one and used it.

So, straight from Amazon reviews and our social media platforms, this is a small sampling of what people are saying about ReliefBand:


Ashley M:


FINALLY!!!!!!!! I have tried everything under the sun to combat my motion sickness: ginger pills, ear patches, essential oils. Dramamine works but I hate the drowsy side effects. To be clear my motion sickness is about the worst out of everyone I know. Five minute car rides and elevator trips can leave me a bit dizzy. I love amusement parks and it’s been a bit depressing to have to avoid the rides for fear of throwing up (which happened last time I rode a roller coaster). I was very hesitant to spend so much money on something that I wasn’t sure would work, but I was pretty desperate at this point. To really test this out I wore this to my most recent trip to Holiday World (amusement park). The drive was a little of an hour and I felt great! Even sitting in the backseat. I was able to look around and even look at my phone. Normally I stare out the window and never look side to side, it gets old. I started slow at the park, riding the Scrambler, a ride that normally makes me a little dizzy. No problems this time! Next I rode an upside down roller coaster. AMAZING! The real test came with the Turkey Whirl. I rode this before and it had me falling over sideways when I got off. I RODE THIS THREE TIMES IN A ROW!!! I was laughing and having so much fun! I literally feel like a completely changed person thanks to this device. I’m SO SO SO happy that I purchased this.

Dee FK:

I love really works!!!

Angalena S:

I rode in the back seat for 2 hours on a trip and for the first time I didn’t get car sick. This thing is so cool.

Tammy WF:

What a godsend for these little miracle bands. I used them during my pregnancy with twins …helped tremendously!!!

4 GM:

I have had my Relief Band for over 10 years and have used it to prevent motion sickness while flying and especially on a cruise where we encountered the fringes of a hurricane and seas were rough. I wore it all night and had no hint of sickness, whereas without it just the thought of motion made me sick. Extra batteries on hand ensure you won’t be without! Now I have Meniere’s Disease and wore it recently on a really bad day when I woke up dizzy and had to keep a doctor appointment 60 miles away. I could hardly stand but shortly after remembering I had this, and putting it on, I had no recurrence the remainder of the day. It truly works! I even keep a spare on hand–never want to be without!

Carolyn R:

Just returned from an Alaska fishing trip. Very rough water that definitely would have had us terribly ill. We didn’t have any nausea at all. These bands were miracle workers.

James H:

This is a miracle device. Over the past 20 years, I have tried everything to combat motion sickness. I tried ginger capsules and candies and Sea Bands, none of which worked. I tried meclizine, which only worked for a short time. And I tried scopolamine patches, which caused blurred vision and a terrible sore throat. Then I discovered this small wrist band. It just works. It feels a little funny when it’s on. And it causes some tiny amount of irritation on my wrist. But it practically ends my motion related nausea. It makes flights bearable. I travel extensively as part of my job, and I literally do no know how I would manage without Reliefband. The prior version was well worth it, even though it didn’t have a replaceable battery. But this version, with batteries available at every pharmacy, is even better.

We hope that you share your Reliefband story in the comment section. We want to hear from you!


The ReliefBand is a wearable device used to help alleviate morning sickness and motion sickness. ReliefBand is now available in Ireland and the UK. In this video, we show you how you should try on ReliefBand.

Baby’s Name

You’re pregnant! As the news sinks in, you realize a lot of decisions will need to be made over the next 40 weeks.

For instance, will you change the guest bedroom into a nursery, or change your address?

Cloth or disposable? Natural home birth, or hospital and keep the painkillers coming?

And for the decision that keeps you awake at night — what are you going to name the baby?

Let’s think old school as a starting point. Enoch, Augustine, or Otis, if it’s a boy?

Or if it’s a girl, perhaps Permilia, Parthenia, or Pinkie.

Fast-forward about 200 years and consider geography as a starting point. What do you think of Malaysia, Memphis, or Milan? Or how about Catalina, Camden, or Kebira?

It’s a tough choice. Forget for a moment the fascinating baby name lists you find online, and turn to (you knew it was coming) family names.

We can hear Uncle Horace and Grandma Jezebel now, fondly recounting the many ancestors who proudly bore the family names that must live on in the next generations.

Or at least one more generation.

Over the next nine or so months, you will be bombarded with names by well-meaning friends and relatives.

You’ll drive yourself slightly nuts as you mentally flip through hundreds and even thousands of names, wondering which is the one.

But guess what?

When you see your baby the right name will be there, waiting for you to breathe it out for the very first time.

The Nursery!

You’re pregnant! First, you tell everybody the news, then you get down to business—planning the nursery.

We all need a place to start as we form our vision of baby’s perfect room. The web is bubbling over with ideas, and we want to share a few that caught our eye. Please do the same in the comments, or better yet, share pictures of your completed nursery! We all love to see what other moms and dads have created.

Project Nursery was created by two interior designers who were planning nurseries for their babies. They now have another site, Project Junior, for the rooms of young children.

Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty

Both sites are gorgeous and provide details on what they did to each room, and more importantly, how they did it.

Grey Likes Baby is the kind of blog you spot and then dive into with a happy sigh. Stylist Summer Watkins curates beautiful ideas and products for baby and family.

Style Me Pretty compiles nursery posts in one spot for parents-to-be to drool over and dream about. The site is stuffed with ideas, and if you don’t get enough by the end of the very long page, just go onto the next page. We’re talking major browsing time, here.

What nursery designs are catching your eye?

Goodbye Morning Sickness

You’re pregnant! It’s a happy time, filled with plans, a rapidly changing body, and not a little anxiety. When morning sickness shows up, it’s not a welcome guest. So, what do you do?

Have a nosh every three hours, or so. Stomachs do better with a bit of food in them when it comes to fighting nausea.

Don’t choose greasy or fatty foods. Proteins are good, and basic crackers or plain carbs fill the space without causing too much upset.

Try to keep air blowing toward your face, even a little breeze helps.

Stay hydrated—it’s important for general health and if you are vomiting occasionally, it’s even more critical that you keep those fluids incoming.

Ginger is known to help combat nausea. If you like the taste, find ways to incorporate it into your routine, maybe drink ginger tea or ginger ale as part of your hydration process.

We can’t finish a list like this without mentioning ReliefBand. Many women find that it helps control the symptoms of morning sickness.

Whatever you plan to try, talk with your provider to see if she has any suggestions and to make her aware of your plans.

We wish you a happy and nausea-free pregnancy!

4 Pregnancy Blogs You Need To Follow

There are hundreds of blogs that provide valuable info for pregnant women. The four we mention in this post are some of our favorites. Let us know what you think, and what blogs you would recommend for other parents-to-be!

And now, in no particular order:

Giving Birth With Confidence is a Lamaze blog that provides useful and direct information. For instance, they recently wrote a two-part series describing the physical and emotional specifics of vaginal birth. Can’t get more useful than that! Stop by and see what they have for you.

Birth Without Fear is a place where women share their stories, and parents-to-be learn of the many choices one has when it comes to childbirth.

News Moms Need was created by March of Dimes as a place for moms-to-be or new moms to get the information they need as they make their way through pregnancy or through parenting.

Fit Pregnancy is a fun and surprisingly helpful blog about all the physical things one experiences while pregnant, and the topics (baby names, maternity clothes, prenatal vitamins, etc.) about which every mom-to-be is thinking.

7 Mommy Bloggers Do Mommyhood

Every pregnant woman knows about nesting and how deeply happy and satisfied it makes you feel.

But sometimes, morning sickness can mess with your bliss. Wear ReliefBand on your wrist to banish the sick, then cozy up with these mommy bloggers to get fun ideas for baby, and the nursery, and the toddler years, and family.

Naomi is the mom of a quintessential New York family, and she shares their days through her blog, LoveTaza. Check out Motherhood under Family and you’ll be smiling and sighing. Plus, if you live in an urban area, you’ll get lots of ideas on things to do with littles.

Joanna at CupOfJo floods her blog with adorable pictures, useful advice, and sweet sentiment. The way she shares her mom time with readers is lovely and genuine.

Amber enchants viewers with images of her family time on Instagram’s Amberfillerup. Vacations with her SO and kids are beautiful visuals, as are simple walks in the park and mommy time with friends. She also has a blog and a vlog and lots of other social media sites for everyone to enjoy.

Meredith, at MommyAtoZblog, shares charming stories about her children that’ll make you smile and perhaps sniff a time or two. She’s the author of the book Mommy A to Z: An Encyclopedia of the Joys, Wonders, and Absurdities of Motherhood. A busy woman, and one obviously happy to be a mom.

Melissa is a stay-at-home mom and blogger. This writer, teacher, and parent of two can be found at WadingThroughMotherhood. Her posts reflect her background as a teacher — informing, analyzing, and defining problems and their solutions.

Vivienne is a young, modern mom of two with the eclectic blog ChroniclesOfAYoungMother. She loves to write about her children, fashion, travel, fitness, and a host of other topics that intrigue young moms today. She offers parenting tips and even has a shopping section if you want to find her look online.

Ashley rounds out the list of seven with SmashleyAshley, a blog that has a view on today’s societal issues and a very personal view on the issues within her family. A frequent guest on her blog is daughter “Barb Marley,” a precocious and precious young lady.

Who are your favorite mommy bloggers? Share links in the comments!