5 VR Necessities

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Virtual Reality (VR) is a fascinating place because it can be any place you want. Sounds simple, but once experienced, you want more.

The VR world is exploding with growth. And peripherals, or accessories, are growing right along with it.

The Unlimited Hand looks like a cuff you put on your arm. Not fancy or scary, but when you’re in VR, it makes you feel the VR world. Imagine how advanced this will be in a couple of years.

Gloveone continues the Unlimited Hand concept but, as you’d guess, with gloves instead of a cuff. And, you wear gloves on both hands, so you’re truly immersed in the VR world. You can preorder this Kickstarter project by Neurodigital.

ReliefBand® fits snug on your wrist. It’s a fast, effective way to control the nausea, retching, and vomiting associated with VR-related motion sickness. Push a button, set your power level, and play!

A simple yet appreciated accessory is VR Cover. Slip it on your headset and protect your expensive equipment from the sweat generated by having something clamped to your face.

The Roto VR Chair allows you to interact with the VR environment while remaining safely seated. With responsive head tracking and foot pedals, plus loads of other features, the chair elevates your VR experience.

Enjoy VR! Share your favorite peripherals/accessories in the comments. We love hearing about new tech.

Star Wars Day

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“May the 4th be with you” is THE pun from Star Wars’ heyday. Granted, it’s an oldie, given that the original Star Wars debuted in 1977, but who cares? It’s Star Wars, for crying out loud.

We love it because sci-fi is where you’ll find the dreams of tech that are now or will one day be our reality.

There are 3D printing machines that can produce chocolate sculptures or body parts. Talk about the wow factor. They’re even available for home use.

One touch on our smartphone screen, and we can see and talk to Uncle Tony who lives on the other side of the world. We call it FaceTime.

Stormtroopers ride hoverbikes. This year a hoverbike is coming to market (please, Santa, pleeeeease).

Robot maids — yep, they exist. OK, they’re not fast and in every home yet, but we’ll get there.

We’re on Mars. Well, the Curiosity Rover is, and we’re planning an in-person visit. Exploring the galaxy!

We live in a world of burgeoning technology. It’s flat-out exciting.

In our part of the wearable tech industry, you can now slip on a ReliefBand® and quickly control symptoms of nausea, retching, and vomiting associated with motion sickness, morning sickness, or even VR-related motion sickness.

Hey, that’s another tech advancement — VR! Just slip on a headset and be transported to any world, any place. Kind of like a holodeck. Yes, that’s Star Trek, but it’s still cool.


Thank You, Doctors!

Did you know there’s a day set aside for doctors?

In 1990, President Bush signed into law that 30 March 1991 would be “National Doctors Day.” A version of this holiday has been going on since the ‘30s, with a red carnation being the gift of choice for your favorite doctor.

We want to say thank you to all doctors for their selfless service. You spend your lives working to improve the quality of life for the rest of us, and we’re grateful.

This is a challenging but exciting time to be a physician. The world of medicine is exploding with technology that is making our Star Trek dreams come true.

Virtual reality allows medical students to practice medicine on virtual patients. Imagine the scope of work they can accomplish, as they get hands-on experience with every ailment, injury, and disease. All without risk of harm.

Wearables are galloping onto the market. ReliefBand® (doctor-recommended) treats the nausea, retching, and vomiting associated with morning and motion sickness. Other wearables count your steps and your heartbeats, track your temperature, and even measure your insulin resistance.

3D bioprinting is cranking out blood vessels, skin, and one day in the not too distant future, hearts.

We’re proud to be a part of the scientific and medical community.

To the doctors who serve in universities, research labs, combat hospitals, clinics, and places of healing both rural and urban: We hope you had a wonderful Doctors Day!

VR – Not Just For Games

Virtual Reality (VR) is tops with gamers, but it’s also used in ways unimagined just a few short years ago.

VR simulations in the military enhance the training one goes through to become a medic or a pilot, a tank driver or even a combatant.

Businesses use VR simulations to improve skillsets such as machine operation, sales, or understanding and use of a product.

Teachers find the world of Virtual Reality to be a boon to the translation of concepts, and it’s just a fun way to learn. Who doesn’t want to interact with whales during fifth period?

But, VR-related nausea can put the kibosh on the excitement and benefit of experiencing the world through Virtual Reality.

ReliefBand® offers a quick, natural way to treat the symptoms of nausea, retching, and vomiting sometimes associated with motion sickness from playing or training in the virtual world.

So go, have fun in VR—jump out of airplanes, swim with turtles, or float in space. Do it all and bonus, no puking!

Reliefband – People Keep Talking About Us!

We stopped by Amazon.com recently to read the reviews. It’s something we do fairly often.

Feedback is critical to our plans for the future. What do you love about Reliefband? What additions would you like to see down the road?

It all factors into the decision-making process.

We thought you’d like to see what verified purchasers of Reliefband are saying, and we hope you chime in with your thoughts in the comments!

  • It actually works! For the first time ever, I went on a boat trip without issues. It was tricky at first to locate the “sweet spot” on my right wrist, but now I can position the Reliefband correctly within seconds. This is a game changer for travel and excursions! — N/A

  • It worked for me as a passenger in the back of a van on windy mountain roads with a nut job driver. — Marcus D.

  • Lifesaver! Great for motion sickness prevention! — Amazon Customer

  • It works! I used the Reliefband for the first time on a recent trip. I used it on the airplane and as a car passenger. I had no problems with motion sickness. I am so happy to have found something that works without taking a pill that makes you drowsy! — Cheryl F.

  • So far we love the Reliefband for Motionsickness. I bought it for my son prior to going on a trip and he wore it in the car and never had any problems with getting car sick. We also took a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon and he wore it for that adventure and didn’t feel sick at all that time either. It definitely gives you a little electric impulse that you can feel. I didn’t realize at first how strong it was until he showed me. So we keep it dialed down to one for him all the time since he is only 9 years old. I am hoping to try it out as well since I have always had issues with motion sickness since I was a child. I just can’t bring myself to take it from him to try it yet. — mmufgator

  • I am happy I found this product. I was at first very skeptical if this product would actually work. But for me it works 100 percent. I had tried several different motion sickness medications before, which unfortunately can have strong side effects. I used the reliefband on a small boat in the ocean, in a helicopter and during an 8 hour plane flight. I have not experienced any motion sickness during that time. The only thing to mention: I needed a bit of time and experience to find the perfect spot on my wrist. But I am really happy I found this product. — qwerty

  • Reliefband works! I’ve been using Reliefband for over ten years to treat chronic nausea brought about or exacerbated by a stroke many years ago. Whenever a random bout of nausea occurs, which is usually a couple of time a month, I put on the Reliefband and set it on “2”. Within 30 minutes or so I’m feeling improvement – sometimes total relief and sometimes a great improvement, which is more than welcome. I see there are a few negative reviews here, but my experience has been all positive. — David M.

  • Prevented sea-sickness, and easy to use. I used this on a recent Alaska cruise. The ocean was rough and everybody else in my group–including those with prescription anti-motion sickness meds–became seasick. NOT ME! I’m so glad I spent the money to get this easy-to-use device before i left. — A. C.

  • This thing works. All I know is my wife can ride in the car without getting pissed at me anymore! — Pros and Cons

  • AMAZING. I am a captain on a sportfishing boat in California and deal with seasick people all the time. I have seen a lot of products come and go over the years, from pills to patches to drinks to chew things, but this thing amazed me. Last week we were on a yacht tuna fishing 55 miles offshore and a passenger was on the verge of puking, I mean he was really green. The owner of the boat slaps this thing on his wrist and within 20 minutes the guy says he feels fantastic. I was and am still blown away. — Damon D.

    • It works on car sickness/motion sickness. My son gets car sick riding the bus to school then suffers until the effects wear off sometime later in the day. I bought this hoping it would help and to my surprise and astonishment, he said it worked within seconds of putting it on. He also took it with him to Boy Scout camp and helped his friend with an upset stomach. Since I don’t get motion sickness, I can’t say that it worked for me but the relief and shock on my son’s face said it was worth it. — Jimmy

    • Definitely works. Bought this for my daughter who gets car sick on road trips. Works like a charm. — Johan C.

    • Worth every penny. I just can’t say how much I appreciate this Reliefband! It WORKS. I have really bad motion sickness, so I got this for a trip to Disneyland. Normally I have trouble even riding a merry-go-round. But while wearing this I was able to ride Indiana Jones, Star Tours, and even Space Mountain. Normally motion simulators make me sick but I had zero problems. Yes, it’s expensive, but it’s so worth it. — Cascade book lover

    Thanks, everybody! We love the feedback and appreciate your time with letting us know how you feel.

Why VR Gaming Makes Us Sick

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Virtual reality sounds like a fantastic idea, doesn’t it?

We can climb pyramids, battle orcs, and have a duel in space — all in an afternoon.

But for many of us, the most telling reality is the nausea we feel shortly after we engage in virtual reality.

This nausea, and the vomiting that sometimes follows, are caused by the same circumstances that cause motion sickness: the difference in what we see and what we feel.

That conflict creates the nausea and vomiting.

With motion sickness, three things are out of sync — our eyes tell us we’re not moving (flying in a plane, riding in the back seat of a car while reading a book), but our body (muscles and joints) and our inner ear tell us that we are moving.

With virtual reality, our eyes tell us we’re moving, but our body tells us we’re not moving, at least, not moving exactly as we seem to be doing in the world of virtual reality.

The inner ear is the third partner in virtual reality sickness. In there is the vestibular apparatus, which provides sensory information to the brain about “motion, equilibrium, and spatial orientation.”

Put these three things together — what our eyes see, what our body feels, and what our inner ear detects — and if they’re all working as they should, we can do loop-de-loops ‘til the cows come home and not get sick.

It’s when they get confusing information that things go awry.

Developers are working on potential solutions to the problem.

Until that anticipated day, we need to prevent virtual reality sickness. The best way we know to do that is to follow the science and wear a ReliefBand.

Happy gaming!

What People Are Saying About ReliefBand!

We love our ReliefBands. Several of us working here have suffered from motion sickness or morning sickness, VR sickness or vertigo — you get the idea — we’re talking nausea, frequently followed by vomiting.

We suffered, until we discovered ReliefBand.

Now, we could each tell you our story, but we thought it would be more fun to hear from people whose only connection to ReliefBand is that they purchased one and used it.

So, straight from Amazon reviews and our social media platforms, this is a small sampling of what people are saying about ReliefBand:


Ashley M:


FINALLY!!!!!!!! I have tried everything under the sun to combat my motion sickness: ginger pills, ear patches, essential oils. Dramamine works but I hate the drowsy side effects. To be clear my motion sickness is about the worst out of everyone I know. Five minute car rides and elevator trips can leave me a bit dizzy. I love amusement parks and it’s been a bit depressing to have to avoid the rides for fear of throwing up (which happened last time I rode a roller coaster). I was very hesitant to spend so much money on something that I wasn’t sure would work, but I was pretty desperate at this point. To really test this out I wore this to my most recent trip to Holiday World (amusement park). The drive was a little of an hour and I felt great! Even sitting in the backseat. I was able to look around and even look at my phone. Normally I stare out the window and never look side to side, it gets old. I started slow at the park, riding the Scrambler, a ride that normally makes me a little dizzy. No problems this time! Next I rode an upside down roller coaster. AMAZING! The real test came with the Turkey Whirl. I rode this before and it had me falling over sideways when I got off. I RODE THIS THREE TIMES IN A ROW!!! I was laughing and having so much fun! I literally feel like a completely changed person thanks to this device. I’m SO SO SO happy that I purchased this.

Dee FK:

I love it..it really works!!!

Angalena S:

I rode in the back seat for 2 hours on a trip and for the first time I didn’t get car sick. This thing is so cool.

Tammy WF:

What a godsend for these little miracle bands. I used them during my pregnancy with twins …helped tremendously!!!

4 GM:

I have had my Relief Band for over 10 years and have used it to prevent motion sickness while flying and especially on a cruise where we encountered the fringes of a hurricane and seas were rough. I wore it all night and had no hint of sickness, whereas without it just the thought of motion made me sick. Extra batteries on hand ensure you won’t be without! Now I have Meniere’s Disease and wore it recently on a really bad day when I woke up dizzy and had to keep a doctor appointment 60 miles away. I could hardly stand but shortly after remembering I had this, and putting it on, I had no recurrence the remainder of the day. It truly works! I even keep a spare on hand–never want to be without!

Carolyn R:

Just returned from an Alaska fishing trip. Very rough water that definitely would have had us terribly ill. We didn’t have any nausea at all. These bands were miracle workers.

James H:

This is a miracle device. Over the past 20 years, I have tried everything to combat motion sickness. I tried ginger capsules and candies and Sea Bands, none of which worked. I tried meclizine, which only worked for a short time. And I tried scopolamine patches, which caused blurred vision and a terrible sore throat. Then I discovered this small wrist band. It just works. It feels a little funny when it’s on. And it causes some tiny amount of irritation on my wrist. But it practically ends my motion related nausea. It makes flights bearable. I travel extensively as part of my job, and I literally do no know how I would manage without Reliefband. The prior version was well worth it, even though it didn’t have a replaceable battery. But this version, with batteries available at every pharmacy, is even better.

We hope that you share your Reliefband story in the comment section. We want to hear from you!

VR Sickness Stinks!

Virtual reality (VR) is teetering on the edge of becoming the next big thing.

Will we make it a part of our daily lives, as we have smartphones and tablets? Well, it’s hard to say. But gamers and others who currently use it tend to love it—except for one thing . . .

VR sickness!

Motion sickness and VR sickness are triggered by the same mechanisms.

What you see in the world of virtual reality doesn’t match up with what your body feels in the real world, just as what you see when you’re reading in a car doesn’t match up with the movement of the car that your body feels.

Although you’re not really rocketing through the air on a rollercoaster in VR, that’s what your mind perceives, yet your body isn’t experiencing the same movement.

When there’s a disconnect between what you see and what you feel, nausea generally follows.

If you love VR but suffer from VR sickness, try ReliefBand to stop the nausea. And please, let us know how it goes!