Congrats, Kate Middleton – now here’s something to help your Hyperemesis

Like me, Kate Middleton has two children already – and I congratulate her on the great news today that she is expecting her third, writes Deborah O’Sullivan.

Deborah O’Sullivan,

As previously reported, Kate suffers badly with hyperemesis, a serious debilitating pregnancy complication.

ReliefBand can be used as part of the treatment regime for hyperemesis, providing extra comfort and helping pregnant women to function again during their pregnancies.

A recent customer of ours was receiving injections three times a week on top of her oral anti-emetics.

Upon using ReliefBand – a non-invasive drug-free clinically proven wearable device – she’s now back at work and enjoying her pregnancy again.

That’s why we have just gifted a ReliefBand to Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge. It’s gone via our couriers today.



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